Romeo and (her) Juliet


Headstrong Collective, in association with Urban Bard, is pleased to announce Romeo and (her) Juliet, a queer take on a classic love story. Our production features a female Romeo and Juliet living in contemporary Toronto, and offers new opportunities for female, culturally diverse, and LGBTQ performers and audiences in the world of classical performance.

“What love can do, that dares love attempt” – from Romeo and (her) Juliet

Directed by Scott Emerson Moyle
Adapted by Melanie Hrymak and Leslie McBay
Stage Managed by Christina Abes
Original Music by Stephen Joffe
Production and Graphic Design by Sarah Beaudin
Featuring Shawn Ahmed, Clare Blackwood, Krystina Bojanowski,

Lisa Karen Cox, Melanie Hrymak, Leslie McBay, Siobhan Richardson,
Adrian Shepherd, Max Tepper, and Geoffrey Whynot

REVIEW: My Entertainment World
“Urban Bard has a strong history of casting women in combat-heavy roles so it wasn’t all that surprising to find the fight-trained Hrymak playing the traditionally alpha-male hothead. What I wasn’t expecting was the total embracement of her femininity. If you want to talk about a gender and sexuality-progressive interpretation, let’s talk about the text’s most aggressive male character played in female iteration not as a tomboy or vixen but as a stubborn young woman capable of as much vulnerability as ferocity (without tempering the ferocity). ”

REVIEW: Life with More Cowbell

“Hrymak’s Tybalt is nicely nuanced – haughty and proud, but not without conscience in her drive to defend her family’s reputation.”
REVIEW: Mooney on Theatre 
“This production brings new perspectives to a well-worn favourite and the result is astonishing.”