Introducing Sheelagh Daly, Seamstress for Licking Knives

Sheelagh Daly, SeamstressSheelagh is a Toronto-born actor and writer. After graduating with an Honours B.A. in Theatre and Drama Studies, a Major in English and a Degree in Acting from the joint program between the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College, she returned to her hometown to pursue a career in acting. When she isn’t busy freelance writing or taking film classes, Sheelagh enjoys dabbling in just about anything creative — from making baked goods to sewing summer dresses. It is this passion for creation as well as her love of all aspects of theatre that got her involved as Licking Knives‘ seamstress. It is a new role to Sheelagh who is more familiar with wearing the costumes onstage than making them, but she is honoured to have the opportunity and to be a part of this exciting production.

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