Introducing Sarah Beaudin, Graphic Designer for Licking Knives (2014 Toronto Fringe Festival)

Sarah Beaudin, Graphic Designer

Sarah is a designer and book publisher with a penchant for coffee, buttons, and the occasional poem. She is the co-founder and creative director of Meat Locker Editions (, a Toronto-based not-for-profit literary arts organization and micro press. When she is not filling her days designing book covers, Sarah can be find cycling around town on the Book Bike, an MLE initiative that provides free books to various Toronto communities. She was a founding member of the Steel Bananas art collective, and is currently the curator of The Underdog Poets Academy, a local reading series dedicated to providing opportunities to “under published” writers. She holds a BFA from York University and a post-graduate certificate from Centennial College, in theatre production and book publishing respectively. Sarah is interested in helping emerging artists bridge the gap between education and successfully working in their profession.

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